Norwich Triathlon – Standard Distance Race

  • Swim: 1500m open water
  • Bike: 38km
  • Run: 10km (2 lap mostly off-road course)

Start Time – TBC closer to the date but is likely to be approx. 08:00 for the first wave


  • Normal entry fees, January (TBC). 2019 – 16 Jun-2019 = £65 (£60 TE/BTF)
  • Late entry fees, 16-June-2019 – 30 June -2019 = £75 (£70 TE/BTF)
  • For late entries we sadly cannot guarantee you will get a race T Shirt
  • enter

Full Course Map

The following interactive map shows the full course including swim, t1, bike, t2 and run.


  • Address: Whitlingham Country Park, Trowse, Norwich, NR14 8TR


Car Parking

Whitlingham Park has this year enforced payment parking on site at a cost of £6 per day.  We have a few spaces of free parking at the Norwich Ski Centre (0.5 mile from event site).     Marshals will assist with parking with early arrivers directed to the ski club and then to the charged areas for late arrivals and spectators. Space is limited so please park considerately and car share if possible!
Any parking for the optional early registration on the Saturday afternoon is in the paid areas of Whitlingham Park only.

Registration Times

  • Saturday 6th July 3 – 5 pm (Optional)
  • Sunday 7th July 6:00am to 7:45am

You can optionally register on the Saturday afternoon but there is no provision to rack your bike overnight.

Registration will be situated near the flint barn café. At registration find out your race number and check to see which wave you are in (note that the first digit of your number is your wave number).

You will be given your timing chip, race numbers, swim cap, T-shirt. Your timing chip must be fitted to your ankle using the straps provided and handed back in at the end of the race. Please note we reserve the right to charge competitors for timing chips not returned to the organisers at a cost of £10.

You will be given two large race numbers for wearing during the bike and run sections, and two small numbers, one to stick on your helmet and the other to stick on your bike for security purposes. Please write details of any medical conditions we need to be aware of on the back of your race numbers.

Race numbers are to be visible from behind when you are on the bike and visible from the front when you are running. Race belts may be used. If using a race belt we recommend that both numbers are pinned to it back to back.

You will be “body marked” with your race number at the top of one arm and a leg. Triathlon England licenses will be checked, if you have entered as a Triathlon England member but can’t produce a valid license, you will be required to purchase a day license costing £5.

The transition area is a fenced off grass area and will be open for competitors as above for you to rack your bike and layout your equipment. Please set up in plenty of time. The transition area will be fenced off with barrier fencing and will be patrolled by security personnel between the above times and during the racing. You will have a numbered position to locate your racking space.


This includes collecting your kit after the race has finished. Security will check body marking numbers to identify competitors entering transition area. Please note that the transition area will not be secure outside of these times.

Please check transition area before start of race to familiarise yourself with exits and directions, etc. Bike collection entrance/exit will be displayed once collection is available. Security will control flow of removed kit.

Bike and kit collection will be considered complete by 12:45 pm. Please collect your kit in this time as we will be clearing up the secure perimeter fences after this time and your kit will no longer be secure. Bikes and kit still in transition after this time may be relocated to the Flint Barn walls so the site can be cleared.


Race Briefing

All information regarding briefing can be found within this page. For any other issues please feel free email, tweet us @NorwichTri, use our contacts page or ask at registration.

A final briefing will be given at the waters edge immediately prior to each start wave.

The race will be run under British Triathlon rules and if any competitor wishes to read any particular rule(s), then a rulebook will be available on the day of the race at registration or is available from the Tri-Anglia or BTF website.

Inhalers – If you need to use your inhaler immediately before the race, you can leave it with a marshal who will stick your race number on it at take it to registration.

Please note that MP3 players, headphones and mobile phones are NOT to be used at ANY point during the race subject to instant disqualification.


Swim Section – 1500m

Wet suits are strongly advised for the swim. The start is in the water from the pontoon deck of the Open Water Centre – you must not dive in. If you elect to not wear a wetsuit, you will be asked to wear a red swim hat so that you are identifiable to the safety crews.

The start is near the edge of the pontoon extending out a few metres (i.e. you don’t have to touch the deck). If you are a nervous swimmer, we advise you to wait a few seconds for the mass of swimmers to go and then start yourself. Shoes can be left at the start in a collection bag and will be relocated to the finish area for collection. Please note that shoes are left at your own risk.

Shoes can be left at the start in a collection bag and will be relocated to the finish area for collection. Please note that shoes are left at your own risk.

All swim routes exit near the transition area, which is marked by 2 buoys on each side and a pair of large exit flags.

The swim course can be seen in the interactive map covering the swim, t1, bike, t2 and run towards the top of this page.


Transition 1

The transition area is a short run of 100m from the swim exit on rubber matting. The bike exit is at the opposite end of the transition from the swim entrance. All of your cycling and running equipment should already be in the transition area.

NOTE: you must not pick up or remove your bike from the rack until your helmet is on your head and fastened.

When you have got your helmet on you can walk/ run with your bike to the exit of transition. Once out of the transition area and across the mount line, you can get on your bike and continue on the bike course.


Bike Section – 38km



There is one “stop and foot down” junction on the ride as Arminghall Lane turns right onto Stoke Road. It will be clearly marked and marshaled with red flags. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Every competitor must ensure that his/her bicycle is in a safe and roadworthy condition. Competitors must wear their race numbers provided at all times throughout the cycling section of the event and in such a way that it is clearly visible from behind. (Number belts will be allowed, but must have number visible on back during cycle and front during run).

Cycle helmets approved by the BSI, ANSI, Snell or equivalent standards authorities must be worn and must be fastened before competitors remove their cycles from the transition racking. Helmets must be worn and fastened up at all times during the cycling section of the event, including the return of the bike to the cycle rack. The strap should be tight enough to allow just 2 fingers inside the fastened strap.

Competitors are NOT ALLOWED TO DRAFT! Norwich Triathlon operates under the current British Triathlon race rules which can be found

The bike course can be seen in the interactive map covering the swim, t1, bike, t2 and run towards the top of this page.

Please note: conditions outside of our control may cause changes to the course. Should this happen, they will be communicated on the website prior to the day and will be communicated at registration.


Transition 2

Dismount from your bike at the dismount line (same as the mount line) and run with your bike, following the same route as on the way out, back to the transition area to park you bike at the same position you took it.

NOTE: you must not unfasten or remove your helmet until your bike has been re-racked.

The run exit is at the opposite end to the bike entrance. The run follows an anticlockwise direction of the lakeside.


Run Section – 10km

The run route is on pathways and tracks that follow a loop around the main park area in an anticlockwise direction. The run extends from the lakeside into the surrounding woodland to return to the lake as a 5 km circuit.

The Standard run distance is 10 km as 2 laps of a 5km course.  A timing mat will record each lap split to ensure you complete both laps. Water will be available during the run which you will pass on each lap.

One of your race numbers must be securely fixed and clearly visible on your front at all times. Competitors must follow the directions and instructions of all race officials.

There will be other people using the country park and the paths, so please treat them respectfully.

DECORUM: BTF rules (22.5) state that attire must be fully fastened at all times. That means that zips pulled down to expose the chest will be asked to refasten. Failure to comply will result in a time penalty. We know it gets hot on the run (in fact, I normally organize some kind of solar flare to intensify the heat).  Men are able to be bare chested if changing in transition whilst observing suitable modesty.

The run course can be seen in the interactive map covering the swim, t1, bike, t2 and run towards the top of this page.



Water will be available for competitors on the run and at the finish area. Other refreshments will be available for purchase from the café within the flint barn that is the Whitlingham Country Park Visitor Centre.


Race results

Use of chip timing will mean results will be available live here from 08:00 7-Jul-2019.

Timing chips must be worn for the entire duration of the race and can be worn on either ankle.



Presentation of trophies will take place at 12:00.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall for both Male and Female, plus 1st Male and Female in each age group.

There will be a ‘no more than 1 prize per athlete’ rule for individuals. Those that place in the top 3 overall will not pick up age group prizes.


Enjoy the race. The marshals are all volunteers and are there for your safety and the occasional thank you does wonders. We are honoured to be able to hold the race in such a beautiful environment. Therefore, please respect the area; keep it clean and tidy by taking your rubbish home, and smile at the locals!