What if I can no longer race after registering?

We understand that sadly people end up with date clashes or injuries and therefore can no longer compete and so we include our offer of refunds in the T&C’s that you received when you entered.  After 31st May no refunds will be made. Sadly, after this date our volunteers are too busy putting the final preparation to the race.

Entries are now closed do you have a waiting list?

No we don’t have a waiting list, remember to book earlier next time!

Can I give my place to someone else if I cannot race?

Places are non-transferrable. This is for a whole host of different reasons but health and safety is a big one as it is your personal details that are collected when you register.

Can I defer my place to next year?

We use a third party platform to do all of our bookings and the way this is set up means we cannot offer the opportunity to defer your place to next year.  So its a no!  Also because we rely soley on volunteers we can never be 100% sure the following year will happen.

When will I receive more race information?

You can keep an eye on the website as the event nears, but you will also receive your pre-race pack approximately 2 weeks before with all of your race day information. But hopefully the FAQ’s will help.

Can my friends and family come and watch?

Absolutely bring them along, the more support the better and who knows they may even want to race next year. There will be lots for them to watch and also catering in place to keep them fed and watered. Tell them they have to shout nice and loud though!

Is there a minimum age for entry?

Yes, there are and we abide by British Triathlon’s race guidance on this. Ages are always taken on the 31st December of the year you are racing. For the Sprint race, all competitors must be 15 at the end of the year and for Standard 17 years of age. No maximum age though!!

What is the course like?

We are modest of course but it is truly stunning! Also, as we are in Norfolk there are no big hills! The bike course is slightly undulating which basically means a few lumps and bumps, the run is around the stunning broad with a small section through a pathed wooded area. This race is perfect for first timers, experienced competitors and friends wanting to enter a team.

What and when is registration?

Competitors need to register on Sunday morning by going through registration with their bikes.  At this point you will be asked to show your in date British Triathlon membership if you have told us that you have one.  Or if you have purchased a Race Pass then you will be asked to show this.  Please note you must either have BTF membership or a race pass to take part.  Any questions just ask us before the day.

Here you will be told your race number, you will then be body marked with this number (it will wash off).  Upon entering the transition area please find the racking with your number on. You will find here your full race pack (please note competitors will only be given ONE race number), stickers and timing chip from registration.

Stickers which also have your number on and will be stuck on your helmet and bike and finally a timing chip. The timing chip is to be wrapped around your left ankle and is what generates your time on each part of the race.

Please note that in line with our eco-friendly efforts that competitors will not be given a swim hat.  We advise people to bring their own or there will be some on sale on the day.

How do I wear my race number?

Many people will have a race belt where you can attach your number. This can then simply be turned to the back so the number is hanging over your bottom for the bike and then turned to the front for the run. For the swim, you don’t need your race number to be visible. We will however write your number on your hand for the swim. You can even wear your race belt under your Wetsuit. Or you can attach it by safety pin to whatever you will be wearing on the bike and run. The rule is it must be visible so don’t wear under a jacket or another top. Also in accordance to British Triathlon rules the number must be on your back for the bike leg and the front for the run leg.  Remember you will only have ONE race number.  Race belts will be on sale on the day.

Where can I park?

Parking is available at a charge of £5 per car.  We can only accept cash so please bring £5 with you.  There are also a number of RCP car parks along Whitlingham Lane. Please note that there will be a parking restriction enforced along Whitlingham Lane on the day of the race.   The car parks are likely to fill up with competitors so encourage your spectators to come along with you. The more traffic being held up will cause you delays on the bike.

Are there prizes and when will these be given?

All finishers will receive their race medal. For standard and sprint races 1,2,3rd overall places will be awarded in both the Open and Females category. Age group prizes will be given to the first open and female across a number of age ranges.  First place prizes will be awarded for first Mixed, Open and Female Relay team.  The relay team must comprise of 3 different individuals to qualify for this.  
This year as the Aquabike is a trial there won’t be any prizes, but you will of course get a finishers medal.

Will there be massage available?

Yes there will, this year we will be welcoming a number of Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy students from City College Norwich for your pre and post race massage!  More information in your Race Pack.

Do I need a wetsuit?

We would advise yes as we know how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK. Again, we adhere to the British Triathlon Race rules for temperature decisions. Whilst an interesting read, you can skip to page 11 for information on the swim! https://www.britishtriathlon.org/competitionrules


Yes you do – in line with https://www.britishtriathlon.org/competitionrules 4.11 all swimmers must wear a hat.  To support our eco-friendly race for 2020 Norwich Triathlon will not be supplying hats for competitors as feedback has told us that the majority of competitors bin these after a race.  Therefore, all competitors are required to bring their own.  We will make available a limited number to sell on the day.

Do I need one of those fancy Road Bikes?

No, you don’t, you can come and take part on any two wheeled bike (with no engine) that you wish to. This is what our friends at British Triathlon have as their official line…. The bicycle is a human powered vehicle with two wheels of equal diameter

Is the bike leg on closed roads?

No there will be traffic so it is every competitor’s responsibility to ride safely and adhere to the Highway Code. We will have loads of friendly marshals out on the course and signs though to keep you on track and give you a whoop and cheer.

What if I get a puncture?

Obviously, we hope you don’t, but if you do then it is your responsibility to fix it. So, make sure you are carrying a spare tube, pump and tools to change it. Not that I am speaking from experience but it might be worth having a little practice ahead of the day! Imagine getting one and having all the gear but no idea.

Can I help out at the event?

Absolutely, the whole of Norwich Triathlon is delivered by volunteers. Everyone always has a great day so please do come and help if you can. Contact us for more information.

Will there be nutrition on the course?

It is your responsibility to provide your own nutrition for the race. Water will be available during the run, but not on the bike course. Finishers will also have access to water.

It is my first race will there be people to help me?

What makes Norwich Triathlon the most amazing race is the support of approximately 100 volunteers on the day who are there to help everyone. Any questions just ask.

I am not sure how fast I am going to be are there cut off times for each part of the race?

The simple answer is no we don’t have official cut off times. Norwich Triathlon prides itself on putting on a friendly race which is inclusive and suitable for all to enter, whether as a first time or as a returning competitor year on year. Triathlon however is a very physically demanding sport and we advise that you do train for it.

Where can I leave my bag during the race?

There will be a specific place for you to drop your bags to be held during your race.

What happens after the race?

You will be given your finishers medal and you will be required to take off your timing chip.  Sweaty high fives and hugs from our marshalls may take place!  If you can then collect some water and make your way out of the finishers area as quickly as possible as it will be busy.

Please note that the tranision area will not open until the last cyclist has come back so if you are going to need things don’t leave your bag in transition as you won’t be able to access it.  So whilst you wait enjoy sharing your race stories with other competitors, friends and family wearing your medal with pride. Food and drink will be available to purchase.

When will we get results?

As soon as you finish you will be able to access the results via your phone, we will helpfully pop QR codes around the site to get you to the right place.

Are there showers available?

Sadly, no showers are on site but no one cares if you smell as you have just finished a Triathlon!!

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