See below for course records across all races.  For previous years results click on the links at the bottom of the page.

Course Records

Norwich standard triathlon male

Element Year Time Name Club
Swim 2018 0:20:19 Joe Skipper Team Skipper
Bike 2018 0:54:20 Joe Skipper Team Skipper
Run 2014 0:36:12 Iain Robertson Torq + Tri-Anglia
Complete 2018 1:53:39 Joe Skipper Team Skipper 

Norwich standard triathlon female

Element Year Time Name Club
Swim 2019 0:21:00 Tilly Anema Tri Harder
Bike 2018 1:04:12 Becky Schofield  Tri-Anglia
Run 2019 0:39:14 Annie Byrne BRAT
Complete 2015 2:10:57 Kimberley Morrison Tri-Anglia

Norwich sprint male records

Element Year Time Name Club
Swim 2017 0:09:12 Sean Watson  Leeds Triathlon Centre/Tri-Anglia
Bike 2015 0:25:50 Joe Skipper Tri-Anglia
Run 2013 0:17:10 Piers Arnold Tri-Anglia
Complete 2015 0:55:58 Joe Skipper Tri-Anglia

Norwich sprint female records

Element Year Time Name Club
Swim 2017 0:10:56 Tilly Anema Tri-Anglia
Bike 2016 0:30:38 Becky Schofield Tri-Anglia
Run 2015 0:20:24 Becky Schofield Tri-Anglia
Complete 2013 1:06:15 Becky Schofield Tri-Anglia 

NB Run split only applicable to current course since 2013

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